Letters from Participants

From the 2008 Fly Fishing Beyond BOW program
I enjoyed receiving your photos.  Thank you so much!  I could show them to my husband and sons to give them an idea of our weekend.  My stepson worked at some environmental camp in that area one year and stayed in the cabins across the road from where we stayed.
I have been very busy fishing, that is why I haven't had time to reply.  The weather has been so beautiful.  Last weekend we fished everyday.  On Saturday we fished the back bay area in Wolfeboro right off a dock and caught lots of small fish.  I caught a small, smallmouth bass.  It was the first fish I caught in a very long time.  I was determined after our great class!  On Sunday we put our kayaks in a small pond, Hatch Pond, which is up past Purity Springs.  Didn't even get a bite but the foliage and water were beautiful so I enjoyed that.  My stepson caught a very large pickerel.  It may have been as long as 24 inches.  It was big!
On Monday we checked out a pond not far from where our home in Brookfield is located.  It is called Mountain Pond and is flyfishing only/barbless.  I had never been there.  WELL....what a find!  It is beautiful there and I caught three brookies and loss count of how many I caught that got off right when they got to my feet. (Made it easier than having to take the hook out of their mouth to put them back, so I didn't mind.)
I can't wait to be able to go there next spring to fish again.
Today is the last day of fishing and I wish I had someone to go back to the Mountain Pond with.  It is beautiful up there (slight hike in.).  But I have been unable to find anyone.
So you see the BOW class got me fishing again.  I am hooked and love it!
I sure hope Leslie contacts you with her photos.  She too is probably busy fishing like all of us.
Do you know of any rivers, streams or ponds where you can fish after today?  I keep looking at the NH Fishing Guide.  It tells you where you can't but not where you can.  I will have to check out their web page and maybe I will be able to find something there.  Just in case we have a few more warm days and I could try my luck.
Thanks again.