Fall BOW

Fall BOW is held annually at Rockywold/Deephaven Camps in Holderness, NH.

Becoming An Outdoors-Woman is a workshop focused on the learning of outdoor skills – skills often associated with hunting and fishing, but useful for many outdoor pursuits. Designed primarily for women, it is an opportunity for anyone 18 years of age or older, and is for you if:

  • you have never tried these activities and want the opportunity to learn;
  • you are a beginner looking to improve your skills;
  • you are familiar with some outdoor activities, but would like to try your hand at new challenges;
  • you are looking for the camaraderie of like-minded individuals.

Registration Information

1-A. INTRODUCTION TO FIREARMS & FIREARM SAFETY: Get an introduction to the basic types of firearms, bullets and trajectories, firearm safety, the how-to’s of selecting firearms, and their handling. Does not include actual shooting.

1-B. BASIC CAMPING SKILLS: Learn the basic camping skills needed for a typical family vacation: what equipment to bring, how to plan a trip, and how to pack. You’ll have the opportunity to set up a campsite, including a tarp and several different styles of tents. Note: outdoor cooking is covered in course # 2-D.

1-C. INTRODUCTION TO ARCHERY: Participants will learn archery techniques for target shooting and hunting, safety, the history of archery, how the equipment has changed over time, and the different kinds of bows on the market today. The range will be set up with many opportunities to shoot a Genesis compound bow and a recurve bow.

1-D. FIELD DRESSING BIG GAME: Proper care of game in the field is a very important part of hunting ethics. This is often a difficult thing to learn on your own. This class will review the procedure for field dressing a white-tailed deer. Be prepared for a hands-on opportunity.

1-E. WHAT GROWS HERE?: If you’ve always wanted to know more about native plants, this class is for you! You will discover the wide variety of plants and trees that are found in the ecosystem around Squam Lake. You will also learn to confidently and safely identify some wild edible plants and what to do with them once you’ve found them. Dress for a walk in the woods – hiking shoes or sturdy sneakers required.

1-F. TRAILERING TIPS AND TRICKS: Ramp etiquette is an important part of enjoying your time on the water. Master the skill of trailering a boat and backing up to launch it at a ramp! Our instructors will help you understand the mechanics of trailering, relieve ramp stress, and give you the confidence to try it yourself. Come with a can-do attitude – there will be a hands-on opportunity.

1-G. INTRODUCTION TO FLY-TYING: Learn why a particular fly is used, the basic equipment and materials necessary to tie flies, common patterns and what they imitate, insect anatomy, and how to tie several patterns. All equipment and materials will be provided.

1-H. INTRODUCTION TO FRESHWATER FISHING: This is a two-part class that runs for both Sessions 1 and 2. Gain the skills and learn about the equipment necessary to begin freshwater fishing. In Session 1, you will learn about various species of fish in N.H., how to select equipment, knot tying, and how to cast. In Session 2, (Sat. a.m.) you will use your new skills as you spend the morning fishing on the water, learning how to target, play, and land fish.

1-I. INTRODUCTION TO HIKING: Learn what is needed to safely hike in the wilderness: equipment basics, proper clothing, where to go, how to plan, trail etiquette, and safety. Be prepared to go on a 3.4 mile hike with approx. 500′ of elevation gain (moderate) up Rattlesnake Mountain! Hiking shoes or boots required.

1-J. WILDERNESS FIRST AID: If you’re out in the back country, wilderness first aid skills are very important. Join expert staff from Fish and Game’s Law Enforcement Division and learn how to prepare for dealing with emergency situations when help is not close by.

1-K. INTRODUCTION TO RIFLE: Learn gun handling, safety, how to shoot a rifle, and how a rifle differs from other firearms. Live-firing opportunities; all firearms will be provided.

1-L. ECO TOURING SQUAM LAKE BY KAYAK: Spend some time on Squam Lake learning the ecology of the lake and the fish and wildlife habitat it provides. Discover how a watershed works, learn about the effect of seasons on a lake, search for birds, bugs, and other wildlife, slowly explore a local bay and a tributary stream, and learn techniques for observing wildlife. Some kayaking experience recommended. Dress to get wet.